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B2B Customer Relationship Management


Online B2B Web-Portal CRM Customer Relationship Management

One Single Easily Configurable Web-based CRM for All Industries: Retail Electricity and Gas Trading, Commercial Banks, Asset Management Firms and Treasuries

QR B2B Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can be easily configured on the fly to become a powerful web portal to manage trading, physical logistics, or financial and treasury dealings with your clients and counterparties. QR CRM is designed for trading, financial data, and portfolio and risk functions.

QR CRM is web-based and can be securely made available to your clients online through rigorous cybersecurity protocols. QR Customer Relationship Management enables your counterparties and clients to perform all the tasks needed in the natural course of doing business with you, 24/7 online. These can be account receivable clients (wholesale and retail), account payable counterparties or any segment of supply and demand chains.

Here are some applications of QR online B2B CRM:

    Retail electricity and gas trading.
    Corporate treasury to offer liquidity and discounting services to its supply chain clients.
    Commercial banks and asset management firms to offer trading, risk and liquidity services to its clients.

QR Customer Relationship Management system is seamlessly integrated with all QR systems, e.g., Trading, Portfolio, Analytics, Asset, Treasury, Supply and Demand Management or Risk. It can manage data and all business logics and operations pertinent to a given client. You as a company can allow a client to access any segment of its operations and data that you wish to share:

    Online CRM to allow your clients to upload their trades, orders, nominations, operational and financial data, etc.
    Web-based B2B CRM to allow your clients to view and download data and reports online, based on all relevant data you wish to disclose to them. These can be transaction or consumption volumes or load (transacted, scheduled, nominated, actualized, final meter, or forecasted by the system), various rates (discounts, prices), settlement and computed bills, cost and pricing, trade and portfolio P&L, cash positions, pricing etc.