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    Enterprise Supply Chain Management Risk & Optimization

    Supply Chain Forecasting, Planning, Risk and Optimization
    Integration of Stochastics, Monte Carlo, Stress & Scenarios
    Short to Long-Term Supply and Demand Forecasting
    Marketing and Sales Planning and Optimization
    Sales Optimization, Dynamic Pricing and Discounting
    Post-event Look Back Performance Analysis

Leverage your SAP, ERP or CRM with next generation advanced analytics, risk and optimization solutions

Overcome the shortcomings of SAP Hana or Anaplan in-memory analytics.

One universal supply chain analytics, forecasting, planning, risk management and optimization platform for all industries. Forecast, quantify and mitigate risk on key custom indicators. Minimize losses and costs. Maximize profit, performance and return. Post-event performance analysis. Forward scenario simulations. Cross-functional visibility. Web reporting and dashboards. Utmost flexibility to configure a model tailored for your operations.

Flexible API provides seamless connectivity to your SAP or ERP. Alternatively, if you have multiple scattered systems and are looking for a flexible platform to integrate them for advanced analytics, use our platform and forgo costly SAP or ERP implementations.

Ready out-of-the-box. Leverage numerous preconfigured templates, models and reports. Utmost configuration flexibility to adapt to any operation. No custom development.

Integrate risk and optimization to your decision making.

24/7 QR Cloud version is a ready-for-use cost-effective alternative. No software installation or development.

Solutions designed and priced for any firm seeking cost-effective robust and flexible advanced risk analytics that actually work and don’t require lengthy implementation nor large consultant and maintenance teams.

Overcome SAP HANA’s shortcomings:

  • In-memory analytics in SAP Hana or Anaplan lead to costly custom developments and myriads of instabilities and limitations.

  • In-memory analytics can’t be effective as they mix data, modeling and computational tiers, and force you into one-off custom sequel and mathematical script coding by expensive consultants. Models created in such mixed-scripts can’t be tested independently nor maintained outside your implementation. You can’t use pre-existing industry standard analytics libraries or high level languages. These have to be executed externally and results uploaded.

  • There are limitations in table size and rows in-memory. It is naive to subject complex analytics to such limitations. E.g., the following exceed in-memory analytics capacity: directed AI machine learning, Monte Carlo simulations, evolutionary and nonlinear optimization.

  • No automated plug & play advanced analytics. Defining integrated scenario, risk and optimization models exceed in-memory capacity and would require extensive custom development to begin with.

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Integrated Marketing and Sales Planning and Optimization

  • Detailed multi-layered interlinked modeling of marketing and sales, including metrics and indicators. Impact analysis of marketing strategies on a wide range of metric, customer behavior, brand recognition, loyalty and actual sales, across products, market segments, territory.

  • Optimal allocation of marketing budget across a diverse portfolio of marketing activities and promotions. Optimization objective functions can be to maximize ROI, sales revenue. Optimization constraints can be: subject to numerous constraints steaming from sales indicators, set targets and corporate strategies.

  • Custom sales pipeline modeling, forecasting, planning and optimization. Dynamic pricing and promotion management.

One Supply Chain Risk Management & Optimization Platform for All Industries

Energy, oil, gas, refined products, up-mid-and down-stream operations. Petro-chemicals, power. Commodities, food and beverages. Retail marketing and sales. Healthcare, hospitals, pharmaceutical, medical industry. Travel, shipping, airlines, hospitality. Educations, school boards, colleges and universities. Automotive, manufacturing, productions and industrials. Aerospace & defense. Nonprofit, public, government and native community entities, agencies and organizations.

Benefits & Advantages

  • Overcome inefficiencies due to multiple systems, scattered data, spreadsheets and weak analytics. We offer a single global enterprise model integrating you operations (supply chain, resources, assets, logistics, liabilities, financials, marketing and sales), with centralized data and processing, and embedded analytics, risk and optimization tools, all within a supercomputing platform.

  • QR Supply Chain™ empowers your teams and executives with real-time business intelligence, visibility, reporting and optimal decision making across the entire supply chain, enabling decision makers to react to volatility, sudden changes, disruptions, risk or market opportunities, and synchronize demand, supply and pricing.

  • Integrated risk perspective. In addition to stress and scenario analysis, add powerful volatility perspectives to supply chain risk management. We offer comprehensive stochastic models and Monte Carlo simulation for all key indicators along demand, supply, production, assets, logistics, inventory and market prices. Quantify down side risk and upside opportunities, and explore the cost and effectiveness of various risk mitigation scenarios at high percentile, e.g., 95 to 98.

  • Dynamic supply chain optimization in real-time and for planning. Our sophisticated optimization engine offers the flexibility to define any desired optimization objective function and constraints. Optimization objectives can be financial, e.g., minimize cost, maximize profit, or non-financial, e.g., maximize patients health delivery, students graduation rate, client’s satisfactions and retention, optimize HR allocation. Constraints can be both nonlinear. E.g, meeting targets in sales, inventory, graduation rate, market penetration, min max prices, min max inventory quantities, min max expenditure or budget, HR requirements.

  • Portable cloud on-site next generation architecture. Ready-to-use 24/7 supercomputing platform with countless ready for use configuration templates. Leverage novel quick implementation methodology by copying any selected configuration to a custom instance, on-site or on QR Cloud.

  • Automatic connectivity to ERP, planning, operational, financial and treasury systems, data integration and warehousing.

  • Advanced analytics are seamlessly integrated. Different analytics, risk and optimization models for short-term, intraday to daily, to long-term modeling.

Key Functions and Apps



Short & Long-term demand forecasting by categories and aggregated. Trend, growth, seasons & cycles. Scenarios.



Short & Long-term planning from upstream production to downstream distribution. Logistics. Inventory. Scenarios.

Profit and Loss


Cash flow and P&L forecasting through the supply chain. Scenario & volatility analysis. Performance analysis.



Optimal marketing budget allocation. Strategic planning. Look back performance analysis, impacts on sales.

Sales Pipeline

Sales Pipeline

Sales strategy forecasting and optimization by territory, volume, revenue, account segmentation, resources, HR.

Sales Pricing

Sales Pricing

Tactical dynamic pricing. Strategic optimization of sales network, pipeline, promotion and pricing schemes.

Next Generation Dual Cloud On-site Platform

  • Leverage next generation dual-use cloud on-site architecture. QR Cloud is a live 24/7 supercomputing platform with a vast array of ready-to-use models and templates. You can select, download and customize any configuration from QR Cloud in your own instance, whether on-site or on QR Cloud.

  • QR System is a single universal software for all on-site and QR Cloud instances, and is upgraded quarterly free of charge. Actual clients’ implementation are configured in a database, which is portable from QR Cloud to on-site.

  • QR Cloud is ideal for medium size players. No software installation, IT infrastructure, resources or efforts required. All you need is a browser.

  • Private Cloud or on-site are for entities wishing to control data and processes.

New Commercial Paradigm

  • Whether on the cloud or on-site, no permanent license and no hefty initial license fee. Just pay 1 single yearly subscription fee for license, cloud supercomputing, maintenance and on-going upgrades.

  • Start with an actual Trial to test our platform and the quality of our expert team. Continue if satisfied. Cancel if the Trial fails to meet your expectations. 

  • Ready for use out-of-the-box, no development or coding.

  • Cost-effective speedy implementation via intuitive configuration. Select, download and customize any configuration from QR Cloud in your own instance, whether on-site or on QR Cloud. Save years and millions.

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