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    Automated Back Office Settlement and Billing

    Back Office Dashboard and Custom Workflow
    Automated Settlement, Billing and Invoicing
    Connectivity with Data, Exchanges and Markets
    Cash Flow Mapping
    Forecasted Settlement, Cash and P&L

Back office automation eliminates operational risk and increases productivity

Back Office

Whether on the cloud or on-site, integration of data, streamlining and automation of back office functionality eliminate manual intervention and operational risk, while increasing productivity.

Ready out-of-the-box with numerous existing templates and vast configuration flexibilities to handle financial and physical settlement in world markets. Automated back office for world financial, commodity and energy markets and exchanges, electricity ISOs. Lightening fast implementation.

24/7 Cloud back office solutions, ready-to-use. Tailored to meet the budget and needs of smaller players. No IT resources, development or customization. All you need is a browser.

Perfect light, flexible and cost-effective settlement and billing solution for retail energy operations.

Benefits and Advantages

  • QR Back Office Dashboard organizes complex functions into a step-by-step workflow to ensure data and process integrity, validation, control and compliance.

  • Automation of settlement, billing, clearing and invoicing. Automated execution on customizable schedules.

  • Automatic calculation and management of charges and fees. Financial charges, e.g., interest, FX, transaction, banking, processing, margins and taxes. Physical charges, transmission, distribution, transportation, wheeling, energy and various regulatory charges in electricity and gas ISO, power pool, wholesale and retail markets.

  • Management of accounts and data. Financial accounts margin, broker, banks, etc. Electricity ISOs and power pools. Data, meter, volume, prices and settlement.

  • Flexible Connectivity Bridge and APIs accelerate interfacing with third party markets, ISOs, operators, exchanges as well as internal accounting, billing and ERP systems. Export settlement and billing data in any desired format to your finance and billing systems. Connectivity, data import and export can be manual or set on automated schedules.

  • Drill-down to (sub)-hourly (shadow) settlement level for data and bill validation in one view. No need to piece together scattered data. View all needed data on one screen and display of granular and aggregate data with the ability to roll-up and down.

  • Independent shadow settlement, variation reporting and configurable threshold for variation warnings.

  • Each deal is settled in its native currency, with the ability to switch currencies on the fly for aggregation and reporting.

  • Settlement, cash and P&L valuation are performed across a continuous timeline. Intraday settlement estimates as trading occurs, overnight confirmation, end of month settlement, billing and reconciliations on actual data, and forward looking settlement and P&L forecasts.

  • Seamless integration with the risk module for market, exposure, credit, liquid, hedge accounting, and regulatory risk reporting.

  • Automated online billing system on the cloud. No overhead or IT requirements.

Key Functions and Apps

Back Office

Back Office Dashboard

Custom workflow. Visual dashboard. Data and process integrity, validation, control and compliance.

Settlement Services

Settlement Services

Automated services for world financial, energy, commodity and electricity ISO markets and exchanges.

Cash Flow Mapping

Cash Flow Mapping

Dynamic valuation engine. Customized valuation rules and organization of settlement ledger and line items.

Wholesale & Retail Energy

Wholesale & Retail Energy

Complex wholesales & retail electricity and gas back office, settlement and data. Cloud billing system. Web CRM.

Next Generation Dual Cloud On-site Platform

  • Leverage next generation dual-use cloud on-site architecture. QR Cloud is a live 24/7 supercomputing platform with a vast array of ready-to-use models and templates. You can select, download and customize any configuration from QR Cloud in your own instance, whether on-site or on QR Cloud.

  • QR System is a single universal software for all on-site and QR Cloud instances, and is upgraded quarterly free of charge. Actual clients’ implementation are configured in a database, which is portable from QR Cloud to on-site.

  • QR Cloud is ideal for medium size players. No software installation, IT infrastructure, resources or efforts required. All you need is a browser.

  • Private Cloud or on-site are for entities wishing to control data and processes.

New Commercial Paradigm

  • Whether on the cloud or on-site, no permanent license and no hefty initial license fee. Just pay 1 single yearly subscription fee for license, cloud supercomputing, maintenance and on-going upgrades.

  • Start with an actual Trial to test our platform and the quality of our expert team. Continue if satisfied. Cancel if the Trial fails to meet your expectations. 

  • Ready for use out-of-the-box, no development or coding.

  • Cost-effective speedy implementation via intuitive configuration. Select, download and customize any configuration from QR Cloud in your own instance, whether on-site or on QR Cloud. Save years and millions.

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